Post Traumatic Rhinoplasty

Traumatic injuries to the nose can happen to anyone. It is especially common to those who are exposed to physical activities on a day to day basis. Minor injuries to the nose are nothing to be worried about, nonetheless, there are also injuries that require immediate medical attention. Post traumatic rhinoplasty will help you recover from dangerous injuries in no time.

Injuries to the nose can lead to damaged airways, deformation, broken bones, and lost cartilage support can easily be remedied with rhinoplasty. It is extremely important that you get the proper medical attention at the right time, to avoid further health problems such as a septal hematoma.

First Aid Right After Trauma

Right after the trauma, it will be helpful if you get first aid treatment, especially if you are experiencing bleeding. Place an ice pack on the area to help reduce soreness and minimize swelling. Take note, that a bloody nose is not indicative if you have a broken nose or not, you need to have it checked with a doctor as soon as you can. If the bleeding does not stop and you are having breathing difficulties, check into emergency treatment facility as soon as possible.

See A Doctor

Your doctor will be able to know if you need emergency surgeries or any other treatments. The first thing that they need to rule out is the possibility of developing septal hematoma, a condition when blood clots around the cartilage, causing blood supply problems and eventual cartilage death. Septal hematoma is usually considered a medical emergency and may require immediate surgery. Right after your injury, it is likely that your skin will swell or bruise, so it is hard to distinguish if you have a broken nose. A doctor, can help check if you will need further treatment or not.

Not everyone who experiences nasal injuries will need a post traumatic rhinoplasty. Your doctor will rule out any nasal fracture and check if there are bones or cartilage misplaced. Moreover, your doctor is the best person to tell you if you will need surgical treatment or not.

Nasal X-rays or CT Scans

There are cases when your doctor will recommend that you undergo imaging procedures, like x-rays or CT scan. The results will usually help in evaluating the condition of your nose. It can also help doctors to rule out broken nose or cartilage.

Healing Time For Rhinoplasty

Some patients are worried about the healing time of post traumatic rhinoplasty. This is especially true for those who cannot take a long leave of absence from work. Typically, rhinoplasty will heal within a few weeks after the surgery. Bones and cartilages that are misplaced will heal together in as little as 6 – 7 weeks. The procedure itself does not take long; it will usually depend on the kind of damage sustained on your nose.

Choosing The Best Doctor

The key to complete and proper healing is to choose a good doctor. They will be able to tell you the best routes for such injuries. It will help if the doctor uses top medical tools and equipment to provide the best diagnosis and treatment.



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