Flu shot may lower death risk in people with hypertension

New research suggests that flu vaccines can help keep heart attacks and strokes at bay in people with hypertension.
close up of doctor administering flu shot
Flu vaccinations may save the lives of those who are at high cardiovascular risk.

Although the flu is a common illness, the burden of this condition in the United States is considerable.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza results in up to 960,000 hospitalizations and up to 79,000 deaths every year.

In the case of people with hypertension who are already at risk of cardiovascular events, the flu can strain the immune system and raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Experts agree that “the single best way to protect against the flu” is to get a vaccine early each year. The flu shot triggers the formation of antibodies approximately 2 weeks after the vaccination, which protects against infection with the virus contained in the vaccine.

Now, a team of researchers led by Daniel Modin, a research associate of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, wondered whether putting an end to the flu infection with the aid of vaccination would protect against cardiovascular problems.

Modin and colleagues presented their findings at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2019 together with the World Congress of Cardiology conference, which this year takes place in Paris, France.

18% lower risk of death from any cause

The team analyzed data on 608,452 people who were 18–100 years old and had hypertension. The scientists followed the participants during nine flu seasons, from 2007 through to 2016, comparing those who had a flu shot with those who had not.

Throughout the follow-up period, Modin and team looked at death from any cause, cardiovascular death, and death from a heart attack or stroke.

The researchers also examined the link between getting a flu shot before the flu season and death risk during the flu season. They accounted for potential confounders, such as age, other medical conditions, medications, and socioeconomic status.

The research revealed an association between vaccination in the flu season and an 18% reduction in relative risk of dying from all causes, 16% less relative risk of dying from a cardiovascular event, and 10% lower relative risk of dying from a heart attack and stroke.

“We show that influenza vaccination may improve cardiovascular outcomes in patients with hypertension,” comments the study’s first author.

“During the nine flu seasons we studied, vaccine coverage ranged from 26% to 36%, meaning that many patients with high blood pressure were not vaccinated. If you have high blood pressure, it would be worth discussing vaccination with your doctor.”

Given these results, it is my belief that all patients with high blood pressure should have an annual flu vaccination.”

Daniel Modin

He adds, “Vaccination is safe, cheap, readily available, and decreases influenza infection. On top of that, our study suggests that it could also protect against fatal heart attacks and strokes and deaths from other causes.”

The researcher also explains the common link between flu and cardiovascular events, saying that the immune reaction and ensuing inflammation during the flu may shake up a person’s cardiovascular health.

Modin says, “Heart attacks and strokes are caused by the rupture of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries leading to the heart or the brain. After a rupture, a blood clot forms and cuts off the blood supply.”

“It is thought that the high levels of acute inflammation induced by influenza infection reduce the stability of plaques and make them more likely to rupture.”

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Miami Rhinoplasty Best Doctors Review Sites

Facial plastic surgery becomes one of the most common things that many people have tried to change some parts of the face. Though there are various reasons why they undergo plastic surgery, the main point here is they need to change their performance. They might not be satisfied with their basic performance, or they might have suffered from severe injury. Among the most popular plastic surgery is rhinoplasty or nose surgery. There is a significant increase of rhinoplasty in big cities throughout the United States. It may not be surprising if one of the most popular search on search engines is Miami rhinoplasty services. Wealthy and famous people live in this city and they have such a great desire to have a perfect performance by having a series of facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty.

As a metropolitan city, Miami has everything that its residents need. Definitely, it applies to rhinoplasty clinic services. Along with the increased demand of facial plastic surgery, there are lots of clinics with experienced doctors and medical staff that provide rhinoplasty services.

One of the most common criteria that a reputable rhinoplasty has is the years of establishment. Most of the time, people never want to risk anything on any kind of plastic surgery. They will try to find experienced doctors or surgeons to do the surgery, based on the proper safety procedure. This is the best decision that any patient should make, because experienced surgeons will not do any surgery, due to several conditions. Well-reputed surgeons will not apply any rhinoplasty when if:

  • The patient’s facial growth is not mature enough. (Mature growth will occur when a person has reached 18 years old)
  • The patient is in a good health—both physically and mentally—to change their nose performance, due to aesthetic reasons.
  • The patient has suffered from a serious injury that has changed the nose function and performance.
  • The patient cannot breath properly because of the improper nasal structure

Advice About Nose Jobs

Everyone should be aware of less reputable rhinoplasty or plastic surgery clinics, because they might not pay attention the patient’s safety. Instead, they do neglect the procedure in general check-up for the patient’s overall health condition. This is why, browsing around among several Miami rhinoplasty servicesis always recommended as it is worth everyone’s time, cost and safety.

The most important thing to notice is the clinic’s reputation. Referrals from friends and relatives remains as the best source to find a reputable clinic for rhinoplasty service in Miami. For the best result, it is always advised to check on the clinic’s official website and find the testimonials from previous patients. Whenever the clinic gets excellent reviews and high ratings, then it is worth visiting.…



Are you unhappy about the shape of your nose? Do you have breathing difficulties? Well, if you have any of the mentioned problems, then it is high time you thought about Dade and Broward county cosmetic Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures not only in the United States of America but also in the entire world. According to reliable sources, over 250,000 men and women go for a nose job in the US per year. However, before you join thousands of celebrities and other Americans in changing the shape of your nose, ensure that you read this article.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is simple surgical procedure designed to help in reshaping your nose. Also known as nose job, you can use this treatment to correct any deformities, improve the appearance of your nose by changing the size or shape as well as correct functional problems such as breathing difficulties among others.

How to choose the best surgeon

Selecting the right surgeon is one of the most important things that will determine the outcome of Rhinoplasty. Apart from the expertise and experience of the surgeon, it is good to go for someone you feel comfortable talking to because you will have to make several visits. In addition, you need to find someone who allows you to ask pre and post operation questions. Good surgeons will give their cell phone or email address so that you can communicate with them where necessary. When inquiring, you need to feel free because we do not have a silly question when it comes to Rhinoplasty.

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

A good surgeon will give you a comprehensive list of things you need to do before having a nose job. In general, you need to avoid food or any drink six hours before going for Rhinoplasty. If you love smoking, you will have to quit before going for this treatment. Furthermore, all the negative effects that accompany smoking are likely to affect the flow of blood within your skin. This implies that you will not have adequate oxygen to help in the process of healing the wounds created after Rhinoplasty. Drinking a lot of alcohol, a week before going under the knife is equally discouraged. Your surgeon might discourage the use of different medications that can affect the process of healing.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

Before moving up and down seeking for Dade and Broward county cosmetic Rhinoplasty, it is wise to know some of the risks that accompany the process. Some of the risks of Rhinoplasty include the following

• Infections

• Excessive bleeding

• Breathing problems

• Septal perforation

• Dissatisfaction issues

• Anesthesia complications

• Death

• Additional touch up surgeries

What are some of the types of Rhinoplasty?

We have several types of Rhinoplasty that you can use to improve your looks or remedy breathing complication among others. Some of the basic types include

Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty involves reshaping your nose through incisions made in vertical strip of your skin that separates your nostrils from each other. The surgeon will elevate the skin and soft tissues located in this region so that she or he can see the anatomy of your nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Most surgeons use closed Rhinoplasty when it comes to minor reshaping of your nose. The surgeon will make incisions within your nose before removing the skin found between the bone and you cartilage. Once they are exposed, the surgeon will remove the bone and cartilage, reshape, augment or rearrange them to make them more desirable.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Also known as, revision Rhinoplasty, the procedure helps in correcting any persistent problems after you have undergone surgery. This procedure can be easy or difficult depending on the nature of correction needed.

Filler Rhinoplasty

This procedure involves the injection of fillers into your nose in order to fill any ugly depressions, sharp angles and change the angle of inclination of your nose.

Rhinoplasty procedure

Most Rhinoplasty procedures take place at the surgical suite or hospital. The time taken to complete the treatment depends on the type of Rhinoplasty chosen. For instance, primary surgery can take one to three hours while secondary or revision surgery takes longer. A filler Rhinoplasty procedure takes less than 15 minutes. However, sometimes it can go beyond 30 minutes depending with the surgeon and your problem.…